Denominations of Australian Christian Churches

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A list of church Denominations and links to their Australian websites.

Anglican Church of Australia
Our ambition is to serve Christ faithfully in the circumstances of our daily lives. - Preview - Churches
Australian Christian Churches (AOG)
In 2007 the Assemblies of God renamed to AUSTRALIAN CHRISTIAN CHURCHES. It is a movement of Pentecostal Churches in voluntary cooperation. - Preview - Churches
Apostolic Church in Australia
We exists to glorify God and, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and to proclaim Jesus as Saviour and Lord - Preview
The Baptist Union of Australia
Baptist churches have been around for over 400 years and one of the primary reasons we developed as a separate group within the Christian Church is because we are absolutely committed to the idea of freedom. - Preview - Churches
Calvary Chapel
A non-denominational Christian church which began in 1965 in Costa Mesa, California. Calvary Chapel's pastor, Chuck Smith became a leading figure in what has become known as the "Jesus Movement." - Preview - Churches
The Catholic Church in Australia
Followers of and overseen by the Pope in Rome. - Preview - Churches
Christian City Church
CCC are all about connecting people to God. - Preview
Churches of Christ in Australia
Our aim is to provide worship which is positive, refreshing and renewing. - Preview - Churches
Christian and Missionary Alliance
The Alliance - reaching people in Australia and overseas with the good news of Jesus Christ! - Preview
Christian Outreach Centre
COC is one church meeting in many different geographical locations in over 30 nations around the globe. We are 'Reaching our World for Christ'. - Preview
Community of Christ
Dedicated to the pursuit of peace. - Preview
Christian Reformed Churches of Australia
Grace alone, Christ alone, Faith alone, Scripture alone. - Preview
Fellowship of Congregational Churches
A member of the World Evangelical Congregational Fellowship. The vision is To be a dynamic fellowship of evangelical churches, with each Church effectively reaching its local community with the Gospel and collectively, impacting our nation and the world for Christ. - Preview
Lutheran Church of Australia
The oldest Protestant church. The name 'Lutheran' was given to people who believed that Martin Luther was right in his interpretation of the Bible. - Preview
Church of the Nazarene Australia
Displaying a Wesleyan-Holiness Heritage. - Preview
Presbyterian Church of Australia
Presbyterian reflects the Church’s aim to be faithful to the Bible’s teaching on the Church, even in the 21st Century. - Preview - Churches
The Salvation Army in Australia
Heart to God. Hand to Humanity. We exist to offer people full life in Christ and to help those in need. - Preview
The Uniting Church in Australia
Justice, Evangelism, Compassion. - Preview - Churches
Wesleyan Methodist Churches
owes its origin to the great spiritual awakening of the eighteenth century when God raised up John and Charles Wesley. - Preview
Westminster Presbyterian Church
Through the establishment of vital, relevant Reformed and Presbyterian churches we seek to bring people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and assist them to spiritual maturity. - Preview

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